Letter from the President:

As President and Owner, I would like to personally introduce you to Tilt Patchers, Inc. After graduating from the University of Florida in 1995, I have been intensely involved in all aspects of the tilt wall construction industry for over 10 years. With the tilt wall method of construction gaining momentum and popularity along with my experience within the industry, I understand the extreme importance of producing quality and cost-effective tilt wall panels for your project.

Since 2001 Tilt Patchers, Inc, known as the “Tilt Wall Detailers”, not only specializes in patching, concrete repair/restoration, painting and waterproofing your concrete tilt wall panels, but also in older structures needing structural repair, restoration and finish coatings.  We use a “team approach” working closely with shell contractors, general contractors, and other trades to ensure complete owner satisfaction in the final product.

Because all of our long-term employees are motivated by incentives, we have the unique ability to complete our jobs in an efficient, cost-conscious manner while still maintaining the highest quality in the industry.  I will personally guarantee it!  We treat all of our employees like family and have maintained the highest skilled personnel in the industry.  Furthermore, the quality of our work is monitored by an experienced project manager which will be assigned specifically to your project for scheduling, quality control and satisfaction.

As you already know, prices can vary depending on jobs size, location and specifications. However, we typically agree to a non-fluctuating price with each of our repeat clients who now benefit from the estimating and bidding process. Please contact me or Paul Goewey to discuss your specific project to see if you can benefit from our services.

No project is too far! We will travel for our clients. Although the majority of our work is concentrated in South and Central Florida, we have completed numerous projects in North Florida and the Southeastern United States.  Please review our partial list of some of the most recent jobs completed or in progress. Tilt Patchers, Inc is fully licensed and insured and all of our field personnel are in strict accordance with OSHA safety rules and regulations.

I thank you for your time and consideration and look forward in doing business with you in the near future. I hope to hear from you soon!

Keith La Gala,

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